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Where to Find and Book Cheap Airline Tickets KAYAK

2. Expedia

3. Hotwire Home

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5. Priceline


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The Weirdest Bars in The World

1. Skeleton Bar, Switzerland

brewood_skeletonThe bar was designed by Swiss man Hans Rudi Giger, will remind you of the alien – or perhaps sitting inside a monster’s stomach, with its spinal chord-like skeleton decoration.

2. The Rock Bar, Bali

brewood_rockbar1This is an open top bar served straight up on the rocks.

3. Baobab Bar, South Africa

brewood_baobabWould you like to drink beer in side a tree?The trunk has 155 foot circumference and it`s wide enough to fit 40 people in.

4. Bojangles, Australia

brewood_bojangles3This is the bar for backpackers and travellers on the way to visit Uluru.

5. Absolut Ice Bar, Sweeden

brewood_icebarAbsolut Vodka coktails are served in ice glasses and the bar is entirely made of ice.

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