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Farmville Tips and Tricks

Some will play just to have a small farm and to spend time and some of us are very competitive and would like to quickly zoom through the levels.You can improve your play and get higher levels by some tips and tactics.

1. Neighbours

This is the farmville makers vision to reward social game players.Get more neighbors around you as you can.You can expand your farm easily and you can help your neighbors to get more coins.The better the levels of your neighbors, the better the gifts they send.

2. Tractors, Harvester, Seeder and Fuel

You can click one time and harvest, seed 4 parsels.Just keep in mind that you need to buy a fuel bu credit card.or wait one more day to have free fuel.

3. Hay Bales and Ribbons

If you want to reach levels quickly just buy hay bales.They will give you 5 XP each and if you do not have space you can delete them.

4.Best Yielding Trees and Animals

Horses, Goats, Ducks and Rabbits give 50 coins each so focus on these animals.Also the best tress are Pomegrante, Banana and Passion fruit trees each of them is 100 coins.

Do not waste time with dealing trees and animals that give less then 50 coins.

5. Harvesting mixed or one type of Crops

This is the critical part of the game.Different levels have different type of crops and you need to fix accordingly.Instead of mixing crops that give XP with crops that give coins, you just alternate between the two. One day you grow crops that give good coins, another day crops that give good XP.

Did you ever use these tactics, did they work with you?Wish to hear your experiences.

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