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Where to Share Photos





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Best Cities To Visit In Europe

1. Paris


2. Rome

3. Venice

Venice, Italy

4. London

5. Berlin


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What is Your Sign?



March 21 -April 19



April 20 -May 20



February 19 -March 20



August 23 -September 22



December 22 -January 19

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Long Pasta Types

1. fettuccine

2. noodles – tagliatelle

3. linguini – linguine

4. small linguini – linguine piccole

5. spaghetti

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Best Web Comics

1.8-Bit Theater– Created by Brian Clevinger in 2001

2. Ctrl+Alt+Del – Ctrl+Alt+Del is a strip that focuses primarily on video game related humor, but does branch out into other types of stories.  The strip is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and also has the rare honor of earning creator Tim Buckley his primary source of income.

3.Cyanide & Happiness – Started by a then 16-year-old Kris Wilson in 2004, Cyanide & Happiness is now written on a daily basis by an alternating crew of four people.  While all four tend to maintain the peculiar stick figure style that Wilson started, the comic does occasionally deviate from that formula.  The humor in this cartoon is a little darker; for example, a recent strip points out misspelled words in a suicide note.

4.Diesel Sweeties – Diesel Sweeties is about a world where robots and humans co-exist, and there are even instances of human/robot relationships.  The strip started off as being web only, but has shown up in some newspapers’ syndicated comic strips.  The series features an art style that is somewhat reminiscent of the 8-bit video game style, but a bit more polished.

5.FreakAngels – FreakAngels is written by comic book fan favorite Warren Ellis and tells the story of a futuristic London that has been devastated by a massive flood.  There is one update a week, but it is done in comic book style with six pages per update.

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1. Swedish traditional pastry

2. Originally eaten only on Shrove Tuesday

3. The name is used for finest quality wheat flour

4. Semla is a bread bun eaten with warm milk

5. Danish version is different and served with filled cream

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The Best Italian Cars

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Best Facebook Online Games

Best online games from the most popular social network,

1. Mafia Wars, has over 26.000.000 of active players

2. FarmVille, has over 70.000.000 of active players per month

3. YoVille, has over 18.000.000 of active players per month

4. Treasure Madness, currently playing over 3.3 millions of players

5. Barn Buddy, has over 6 millions of active players per month

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